Car Parts
Car Parts
@A car is not only for driving, sometime it is a symbol of owner's status. Everybody take care how it looks like, both outside and inside. We are proudly providing our veneer products such as staring parts and front panel to the major motor companies. Our natural wooden materials make it more comfortable and gorgeous.
@Every car designer image their ideal shapes and require very high quality. It is not easy to meet their requirements by using natural wood, especially for round shape. This is the reason why "wood-printing" materials are popular for medium grade cars.

@Through the years of experiences and developments, we have succeeded in providing soft and flexible thin veneer for any kind of shapes. Now we are providing "natural wood" car parts for various type of luxury cars, both domestic and overseas.
@Because it is a natural, there is no same pattern which we produced. The beauty of precious wood is known as "the art of nature". Many people knows the value of wood in a house. Why not in the car?

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